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Roddy Kemp

i on world is one of those rare graphic design companies that understands a strategy and can be properly creative with it. They’ll make you do things you didn’t think you wanted to do for all the right reasons and people will notice.

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Richard Gordon

Greedy Gordons Pub Group

Pub Group & Express – Jacqui has given us a great new identity for us to stick out from the crowd, and given us a modern and effective image. Easy to work with, extremely passionate as well as professional to the core – could not recommend more. 

The Cigar Shop – Fantastic service and Jacqui’s initiative and modern look on our business has really given us the edge we were looking for. Could not recommend more.

The Pig & Waffle – Jacqui properly saved our bacon on this one! Epic design, a real stand out logo to coincide with our new country London style. When you next see a Pig & Waffle in your town you know it started here!

The Red Lion – I have to say Jacqui's patience with me on this one was put to the test! I think I really did put her through a real brain rebrand and possible lobotomy! But eventually this beauty popped out! As always with professionalism, patience and a skilled ear by reading my mind - this beautiful new look and front to the already successful Red Lion came to fruition. Jacqui has single handedly given our group the look to take us forward and hopefully conquer the business world.

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Julia Geens

Paws for Photos

i on the world's design of my logo for Paws for Photos is more than I could have imagined. The process was so collaborative, from start to finish. We discussed what I had in my mind for it, what I liked and importantly what I didn't like. The process was fast and Jacqui kept me updated at every step of the way and kept me involved in all stages of the process. The final logo surpassed anything I had imagined. The logo is such a huge part of my business and it's identity now, it really did set me up on my way to becoming a successful business.

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Ed Harman

Your Hidden You

It’s easy to think you can create a logo in a few minutes especially if you keep the design simple. I had the concept already and just needed to create it digitally and in the correct formats so it could be used online plus in print if needed. I quickly realised I was out of my depth and what I thought would be a 5 minute job became several hours of Google and YouTube self-help without the result I wanted.

This is where i on the world came in. I simply sent through a draft of how I wanted the logo to look and i on the world sent back a clear email with the finished logo as requested in various formats together with a couple of subtle variants – plus instructions on how to use the files. In my opinion, best to focus on creating great content for your website or running your business and use i on the worlds expertise to get the professional logo you’re after, quickly and correctly.

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