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As any business in these hard, competitive times and visually crowded world knows, it’s important to create the right visual presence for your business to stand out. A logo & brand designed especially for you is both fun to create and affordable at i on the world.
i on the world prides itself on flexibility. No two project requirements are ever the same and no two businesses or budgets are ever the same. That is why i on the world operates a flexible fee structure for bespoke design.
All projects start with a briefing sheet and a free no obligation chat to see what you need and to discuss what we can do for your budget. A simple logo makeover can be as little as £300 (+vat) if you already have a logo, sketch idea or something in mind – right through to £3,500 (+vat) or more for a full logo, branding and social media styling package if you want to start from scratch. And of course there are fees everywhere in between.
i on the world has always been passionate about design and helping businesses with their visual presence and believes in results by collaboration. Why not download the briefing sheet and get in touch – let's see how we can work together to achieve the brand you want.

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I'm always happy to have a chat to discuss anything on my website or your ideas and requirements.
Please use the details below and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

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